References on past Mexican team trips

For more than 10 years, Michael Balaban has led trips to Mexico and had groups returning year after year!  Check out some of the groups and their comments! 

Region 3 ODP and USYS Region 3, USYS Inter-regional events, North Texas ODP, South Texas ODP, Alabama ODP, Tennessee ODP, Houston Dynamo, various youth club teams- ALL HAVE ENJOYED THESE TOURS!!!!
US Youth Soccer Region III Boys ODP teams have visited Guadalajara for several years under the auspices of Michael Balaban's soccer tours and have found the visits very worthwhile. The competition is very good, the hotels provide excellent service and meals, and the whole trip is extremely well organized. Of particular importance at this time, safety has never been an issue as hotels and games are in safe areas.
André Burger
US Youth Soccer Region III Boys ODP Program Manager
Region III ODP has been using Michael Balaban for our soccer trips to Mexico for a number of years.  All the trips I have been involved with have proved a great experience for the players and staff.  The hospitality, food, accommodations and quality of games has been great.  In all our trips we did not feel unsafe and the locations of our camps have always been secure and incident free.  I would highly recommend Michael Balaban’s travel company for any soccer groups.
Jacob Daniel
Director of Coaching 
I have always enjoyed my time at la primavera and to Guadalajara!  The facility is first class with great amenities for an all inclusive
experience for the staff and players! The hotel staff are excellent and very efficient and friendly!
The ability to live and play top quality games right there at the resort is very unique, with such great quality fields at a "country
club" type resort!  Also the ability to get great games against the top youth professional clubs in the Guadalajara area is essential for the experience of a trip like those that we have experienced in the past!
Thanks again for a great experience Mihail!!
Shaun Docking
Coastal Carolina University head men's soccer coach
1st Class Facilities, safe secure and secluded.
1st Class Staff, who tailor the games to match the competition.
1st Class Competition, against Professional Youth teams from the top clubs in the City!
I highly recommend this tour for teams ready to experience top class International Competition.
Gary Williamson
North Texas State Coach
I had the opportunity to go to Guadalajara, Mexico a few years ago with the Region 3 teams to scout players for our national team and I have to say that it was a great experience. The Balaban staff did everything to make us feel at home. Mihail and his partner Beto Marizcal worked 24 hours a day to help us to get fields, games and also meet the coaches from Mexico to get us a better view of the youth soccer in their country.
They know everyone in Mexico and they have a good reputation because they are honest. Enjoy!!!!
Juan Carlos Michia 
US Soccer Technical Advisor