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Alabama Labor Day Cup, Aug 31-Sept 2, 2019 information
Alabama Labor Day Cup
August 31 - Sept 2, 2019
Decatur, AL 
U10-19 Girls :  U10-19 Boys
Alabama Labor Day Cup will give participating teams the opportunity to play all your matches on great fields! With 15 fields,  there will be flexibility in scheduling. Coaches or directors coaching multiple teams won’t have to race all over a city to find their matches. 

 Competition will be at a premium and there will be top flight competition as well as 2nd and 3rd tier levels of play to give most teams the right level of competition (from highly competitive to developmental).  As always, diversity of competition is a priority at the PSS events.  Previous tournaments that PSS have hosted have had 240+ teams from 14 states and 8 countries.  This year’s Alabama Jr Cup will NOW have a maximum of 140 teams, allowing for A, B, and C flights in most divisions..................... and an expected waitlist for late registering teams.  


Trophies and medals will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place in each division.  

DJ'd hosted Awards Ceremonies with music!


The Alabama Labor Cup will have a guaranteed 4 match format stretching over the weekend.  Guarantees appropriate levels of rest for maximum quality.


We will have a tournament water park party on the weekend for all tournament teams at the Point Mallard Waterpark in Decatur!  After your games are over, come enjoy the water park with pools, water games, water slides, wave pool and more!!!!

Weekend Long Tournament Parking Passes will be available for $10 onsite.  2 complimentary parking passes will be provided per team. 


Under 10      7 v 7 soccer (under 10s that wish to play 9 v 9 may register in the U11 division)

Under 11       9 v 9  

Under 12       9 v 9 (Under 12s that wish to play 11 v 11 may register in the U13 division)

Under 13+    11v11


 Important Dates:

       Early Registration Deadline and Discount Ends:       July 1st 

       Registrants Acceptance Notification:                on a rolling basis  (or until full or the deadline) 

       Regular Registration Deadline:                                 August 5th


Fees:                                                                                      Regular Registration Fee

Under 9-Under 10                                                                                   $545

Under 11-Under 12                                                                                  $575 

Under 13-Under 14                                                                                  $675

Under 15-Under 19                                                                                  $765



Team Requirements

 • Players may only be registered on one team.

• Teams are limited to a maximum of 12/ 16/18/ 22 players depending on age. See Permission to Host.

• Teams are limited to 5 guest players with the following requirements:

 The team maximum roster size may not be exceeded.

 Each guest player must have a laminated current USYSA player pass or appropriate national association pass and medical release forms.

 Guest players must be listed on the proper state association guest player roster form.

Age Divisions

U19 January 1-December 31 of 2001 and younger    

U17 January 1-December 31 of 2003 and younger        

U16 January 1-December 31 of 2004 and younger       

U15 January 1-December 31 of 2005 and younger    

U14 January 1-December 31 of 2006 and younger        

U13 January 1-December 31 of 2007 and younger    

U12 January 1-December 31 of 2008 and younger    

U11 January 1-December 31 of 2009 and younger    

U10 January 1-December 31 of 2010 and younger    



NOTE:  Once teams have registered and been accepted, there will not be refunds for team withdrawals/ cancelations. 


Scheduling Requests:

Every effort will be made to accommodate scheduling requests. Include requests on the tournament application. 

 Coaches with 2 teams in the tournament will be accommodated to the best of the ability of the tournament and scheduling. Please note the teams being coached. Coaches with 3 teams should expect some time conflicts and plan accordingly. 





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