Easter International Cup presented by Rayados: A Diverse and Competitive Youth Soccer Experience

Easter International Cup: A Diverse and Competitive Youth Soccer Tournament Experience

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA (APRIL 10, 2023) -Premier Soccer Services hosted yet another successful youth soccer tournament – the Easter International Cup in Orlando, Florida. Over 266 youth soccer teams from across the United States and Mexico competed in this four-day event. The tournament featured highly diverse and competitive teams, making it a unique and unforgettable experience for all who participated. Hosted at the Omniresort in Kissimmee, Florida, the world-class facilities allowed for excellent play and tons of goals. 

Super Groups Form

Super Groups formed on both the boys and girls sides, with MLS NEXT, ECNL, and Girls Academy teams competing against each other. In the Boys U11 Super Group, Weston FC 2012 emerged victorious, going undefeated and posting an impressive +8 goal differential. Meanwhile, the U13 Boys Super Group had plenty of MLS and LigaMX pro academy sides competing, and Inter Miami defeated Real Salt Lake in a narrow 2-1 semi-final victory before winning the Cup.

A Unique Experience Featuring Diverse Competition

For clubs like Virginia Development Academy (Virginia), the opportunity to play against MLS and LigaMX pro academies was too good to pass up. Matt Lacey, Director and Coach of the VDA U12 team, says " We wanted to find an event that exposed our players to International and MLS competition. We had a fantastic experience playing against Sporting Kansas City and Inter Miami."

VDA certainly impressed, reaching the Bronze Final where they defeated another pro side, Jacksonsville FC. Apart from the competition, Matt Lacey also pointed out other key features of Easter International Cup that separate the tournament from its peers. "The 3-4 day event is a fantastic format. The 3 mini games followed by a semi-final and final really provided an unmatched experience. The players and parents had a fantastic time. We were able to balance competition, team events, and family time to make it a fulfilling week. The competition is what all tournaments should strive to be. The best teams playing the best teams in the country regardless of the league they play in. We were able to play MLS Academies, MLS Next teams, and ECNL teams."  - Matt Lacey

High-Level Girls Youth Soccer on Display at Easter International Cup


The girls side was just as competitive, with major clubs like New England Surf, Baltimore Armour, and West Florida Flames represented. These clubs were among the 70+ teams that participated in the tournament. New England Surf, Baltimore Armour, and Florida Kraze Krush performed well, reaching finals and semifinals within their age groups.

The Road to Copa Rayados Internacional

One unique feature of the Copa Rayados tournaments is its grand prize: winners receive free entry to Copa Rayados Internacional in Houston, Texas. With over 350 teams participating in the international tournament, this is an incredible opportunity for youth soccer teams to showcase their skills on a global stage. Regional South Texas qualifiers will be held in McAllen, Texas on May 19-21, and the Midwest qualifier will be held in Chicago on June 30-July 2nd.

Overall, Easter International Cup was a resounding success, providing a unique opportunity for youth soccer teams to compete at a diverse and highly competitive level. Premier Soccer Services continues to fulfill its mission of providing premier youth soccer tournament experiences to all levels of play across the entire country. If you're interested in the Copa Rayados tournaments, keep an eye out for regional qualifiers and the chance to compete at Copa Rayados Internacional in Houston, Texas.


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