Copa Rayados McAllen Groups Forming: Top Competition Expected in McAllen, TX


Copa Rayados McAllen: A Showcase of Elite Youth Soccer Teams 

McAllen, TX (April 19, 2023) - The Copa Rayados tournament series is known for bringing together the best youth soccer teams from across the United States and Mexico to compete at the highest levels of play. This year’s Copa Rayados McAllen event, which takes place from May 19-21 in Texas, is set to feature some of the most elite teams from the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.

One of the standout teams to watch at the tournament is Roots FC, based out of San Antonio, Texas. Roots FC has a strong track record of success in youth soccer tournaments, including a recent championship win at the Houston Dynamo Academy Cup. With a talented roster and an impressive coaching staff, they are sure to be a top contender in the U14 division.

Another team to keep an eye on is Rayados Waller, part of the renowned Rayados youth soccer program. This squad has dominated in local tournaments, and has been consistently successful at the Copa Rayados series. They will be competing in the U11 division, and will undoubtedly be a tough opponent for any team they face.

Rayados Laredo is another top team from the Rayados program that will be competing at Copa Rayados McAllen. With a strong history of success in both domestic and international tournaments, they will be a formidable opponent for any team in the U12 division.

Fenomenos RGV, based out of the Rio Grande Valley, will also be looking to make their mark at the tournament. They have a talented squad that has been successful in local and regional tournaments, and will be competing in the U13 division.

(McAllen preliminary groups are being formed)

FC Dallas RGV, a part of the FC Dallas youth program, is another team that will be bringing their A-game to Copa Rayados McAllen. With a focus on player development and a talented roster of young players, they will be a top contender in the U9, U10, and U13 division.

IDEA Toros, hailing from the IDEA Public Schools system in the Rio Grande Valley, is another team to watch. With a strong focus on academics and athletics, they have been successful in both realms and will be competing in the U15 and U16 division.

FC Brownsville will be competing in the U12 division. This team has been consistently successful in local and regional tournaments, and will be looking to make a name for themselves on the national stage at Copa Rayados McAllen.

Last but not least, CF Monterrey Rayados will be crossing the border to compete with their U10-U12 age groups. Rayados is no stranger to the competition found at the Copa Rayados tournaments, and coaches will be on notice for any potential talent they find during the tournament weekend. 

Overall, the Copa Rayados McAllen tournament promises to be a showcase of elite youth soccer talent from across the region. With teams like Roots FC, Rayados Waller, Rayados Laredo, Fenomenos RGV, FC Dallas RGV, IDEA Toros, FC Brownsville , CF Monterrey Rayados, and other Mexican based teams competing, parents can expect high-level competition and thrilling matches. Stay tuned for updates and results from this exciting tournament

Registration is still open but will be closing this Thursday, April 20 at midnight. 

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