9th Annual 2020 Open

9th Annual 2020 Open Cup   
April 4-5, 2020 GIRLS - Canceled 
April 18-19. 2020 BOYS - Canceled 
Decatur AL 

COVID-19 Update concerning the Open Cups (Girls : April 4-5 : Boys April 18-19)

We have been in communication with the City of Decatur, which are following State and Federal guidelines and policies.  Health and Safety are the primary concerns.   We are canceling both tournaments for safety reasons and look forward to hosting teams again at the AL Labor Day Cup and the AL Jr Cup later in 2020 as well as the 2021 Open Cup. 

No insurance policy covers this type of cancellation.  Our normal refund policy is that we do not give a refund, but this is an extraordinary situation and we want to work with the teams the best we can.  Upon evaluating all existing expenses,  we have worked to create a new refund strategy for teams.



Open Cup

Don't miss out of the 9th Annual Open Cup!!!!   Known for great fields, high level refereeing due to an annual referee clinic and assessment program in conjunction with the tournament, and great diversity of teams!  This is the spring tournament that has a history of teams from 8 different countries and 16 different states!  Premier Soccer Services specializes in professionally managed tournaments at the best facilities creating a memorable experience- this will be catered to these age groups!  
  •                Great Diversity of Competition 
  •                 PERFECT FIELDS!!!!!
  •                 We've had teams from 16 different states and from Brazil, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, and Panama in past OPEN CUPS!!!!!
  •                 No Friday night matches
  •                 75 minute timeslots for U9-12 – allows for 15 minutes of warm-up time
  •                 U9-10 = 7v7
  •                 U11-12= 9v9​      U13-19   11v11
  •                 Awards ceremonies on Stage with announcer and DJ
  •                 GAMES at the Jack Allen Soccer Complex in Decatur AL: Parking by Decatur Parks and Rec is $10

Important Dates and Registration Information:

NEW Registration Deadline : April 30


                                                                                                              Regular Registration Fees:
                        Under 9-10                                                                                                $565 
                        Under 11-12                                                                                              $595
                        Under 12 11v11/ 13-14 -15                                                                       $695
                        Under 16-19***                                                                                          $725  

NOTE: While there are no guarantees, the sooner a team registers the likelier opportunity to be accepted and confirmed into the tournament-  

More information and registration at www.premiersoccerservices.com or contact tournamentdirector@premiersoccerservices.com