COVID 19 Social Distances at Soccer Complex


Once soccer games and tournaments, are allowed to return to play, social distances and best practices for health and saftey will be important.  

Guidelines for soccer complexes during games and tournament play:

1) All team bench areas and common areas should be sanitized between matches 

2) Sanitizing stations at key areas of the complex 

3) Team leaders approve roster to not include any sick players 

4) Team leaders encourage any sick families members to not attend the tournament 

5) Generous guest players are allowed in case of replacement needs 

6) Field Spacing: increased space between fields to allow for social distancing among team areas and fans sidelines 

               A) Eliminate some fields to allow for more spacing when lining fields 

               B) on Fans sideline, mark with dotted red lines - every 8 yards to show separation needs for fans along the sideline 

7) Increase timeslots by 45 minutes between games, to allow the 2 teams that have just finished a match to leave prior to arriving teams at the same field.   (positive: allow for more warm-up time on the game field- assuming field conditions allow) 

8) Encourage arrival times at fields at 30 minutes prior to kickoff.  


We look forward to implementing these social distancing guidelines as soon as play is allowed to return!  

Hope to see you at the fields soon!!!!