Open Cup Sunday Weather updates and Schedule Changes
SUNDAY UPDATED SCHEDULE - as of 900am Sunday - 
Sunday's Open Cup Schedule is updated online now:
Under 13-19 games that were not played on Saturday.  Those are PK Shootouts now on Field 1, 7, and 15  (2 PK Shootouts per field- thus, 1b, 7b, and 15b) - 
timeslots for those are at:
800am     820am           840am          900am         920am 
Scores of the shootout will go in as a score of the game for points/ and tiebreakers in the standings 
Some games are now being played at Point Mallard Complex - Point Mallard/ Spirit of America Fields:  2900-2901 Point Mallard Park, Decatur, AL 35601 
Some teams are playing back to back games - it is the only option to finish matches on Sunday.  
Games are being shortened to allow for this plus for field conditions.  
All U9-12 matches are 2 x 20 minutes - 40 minutes total 
All U13-19 matches are 2 x 25 minutes - 50 minutes total 
Semifinals and finals that are tied will go straight to PK Shootouts (no Overtime) 
All warm-ups must be off the fields