COVID 19 Social Distances at Soccer Complex

Guidelines for soccer complexes:

1) Sanitizing stations at key areas of the complex 

2) Team leaders approve roster to not include any sick players 

3) Team leaders encourage any sick families members to not attend the tournament 

4) Generous guest players are allowed in case of replacement needs 

5) Field Spacing: increased space between fields to allow for social distancing among team areas and fans sidelines 

6) Staggered timeslots to manage traffic flow and stagger congestion  

7) water/ hydration will be responsibility of the individual teams - the tournament cannot provide hydration at the fields (though individual Gatorade is available and free at the Gatorade stations)

8) Awards will be at the individual fields of the finals and will not be at an awards stage - thus, eliminating large group gatherings by the stage 

9) Facemasks will be available for spectators that do not have any and will follow local governance on facemask protocols

10) We encourage wearing facemasks (when not actively participating in games), maintain 6 feet social distancing, and regularly sanitize hands.  

We look forward to implementing these social distancing guidelines.

Hope to see you at the fields soon!!!!